Wiluna Remote community School

At Wiluna Remote Community School we believe that all students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to facilitate this learning effectively. Students learn best in a safe, culturally inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment. Staff will create such an environment through the learning activities they initiate, by providing opportunities for cooperative teamwork, forming individual relationships and modelling positive behaviours. Social participation and self-discipline are encouraged at all times. We also believe in the importance of involving families in all aspects of the educational journey.
Our vision is to support our students and teachers make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance, and to build a safe school that communicates with elders, develops, excites, and graduates employable students.

Bernadette Delaney


Emidio Boto

Deputy Principal

Janet Currie

Manager of Corporate Services

Robyne Brim

School Officer

Brandy Qiu


Rebekah Fisher

Kindilink & Year 3/4/5

Scott Olsen

Year 3/4/5

Ruben Sanzana

Year 6/7

Greg Grant

High School Teacher

Bronwyn Melrose

High School Teacher

Wayne Gilbert

Sports Co-Ordinator

Ana Lutu

Educational Assistant

Suzanne Grant

Educational Teacher

Anthea Cutter

Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Cassandra Gilbert


Jacqui Gilbert


Cheryl Newland


Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am to 10:30am

Daily Food


  • 501 Scotia Street, Wiluna WA, Australia